Thursday, February 10, 2011

Diamond Family Archive

The Diamond Family Archive -  Lakes Meres Ponds & Waters

Described as Psych-folk, Freak-folk, Alt-folk, Loner-folk, whatever you want. Laurence Collyer is a reclusive British artist who writes, records and performs music and folk-song using the rather grand moniker, The Diamond Family Archive. Laurence has been involved in the DIY music scene for many years and was the co-founder of Woodland Recordings. This being his first proper US vinyl release and a banger it is. You can cruse over to his site for extensive info and sound clips. 
Pressed in Detroit MI, limited to 300 (200 white, 75 kraft, 25 stoned)

SIDE ONE: Volcano, Lazy About The Things That Matter, The Main Town, For The Memory Of, In Mind(Caroline), A Golden Fire. 
SIDE TWO: Sleeping Under Stars, Crows, Winter, Close to the Grave, My Lonesome Pine.

Sold Out
contact artist or discogs for remaining copies

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